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We’ve worked closely with the team at Slumberzone NZ to develop our own exclusive ranges. The Dream range was created to give a broad variety of feels using top quality materials and the latest technologies for a premium mattress at an affordable price. The Dream Ultra Firm is perfect for the firm mattress lover – a super hard feel with no layers or squishiness.

5 Zone Pocket Spring System

Older style traditional springs in mattresses were held together with wire. Pocket springs are held together by the fabric “pocket” each spring sits in, giving independence of movement for each spring. This significantly reduces partner disturbance as well as efficiently contouring to body shape for the best spinal alignment. The spring system is then divided into 5 sections or “zones” across the mattress. Utilizing heavier duty springs in the sections where our bodies require it, the “zone” system adds support and more give where needed.

Foam Encasing

Foam encasing surrounding the spring unit provides a supportive edge and larger sleep surface.


Firm Comfort Foam


Foam and Fibre Comfort Quilting

Soft foam and fibre are quilted together to make a cushioning comfort layer which sits between the other comfort foams and the top fabric of the mattress.

Healthguard Technology

Healthguard is a fabric treatment which protects against bacteria, dust mites and allergens.

Satisfaction guaranteed – we pride ourselves on premium service, including post-purchase follow ups to ensure you’re happy with your new bed. 

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