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Not too hard, not too soft, pressure relief balanced with a medium comfort feel. Manufactured in NZ by A.H. Beard, our Starry Night range utilises the Reflex Plus support system, an advanced support system exclusive to King Koil and endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association.


Reflex Plus support system 

Taller Primary coils gently conform to your body to provide pressure relieving comfort. Positioned in between the Primary coils, smaller Active coils are distributed throughout the spring system. As increased weight is applied, the Active coils give additional support where your body needs it.

Performa Edge Support

Every Reflex spring system is surrounded by a high-density foam encasing. This ensures a larger sleep surface and strong edge support.


Evofoam Plush Comfort Foam

The foams in A.H. Beard mattresses, named Evofoam, are made using the world’s most advanced foam-making process, Variable Pressure Foam (VPF) technology. VPF foams are made in a totally enclosed chamber, preventing the escape of emissions into the environment. With no harmful chemical additives or emissions, Evofoams are cleaner, healthier, and environmentally friendly. 

Talalay Latex

Latex is extracted from rubber trees and processed to make the latex foam used in the bedding industry. It is natural, durable, highly resilient, non-toxic, non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and dust free. Latex foams are both supportive and pressure relieving and available in various comfort feels. There are two different processes used for manufacturing latex – the Dunlop process, and the Talalay process. Talalay latex undergoes a more involved process, with additional steps during manufacture which result in a softer, fluffier feel, well suited for the comfort layers in a mattress. The Talalay process also ensures a more consistent density and feel throughout the latex block.


Aerocomfort Technology

Aerocomfort Technology
Aerocomfort is a collection of four different components used in the top layers (quilting layers), of A.H. Beard’s mattresses. They are designed to give additional breathability and provide yet more gentle comfort. The Starry Night Medium features two Aerocomfort technologies:

- AeroLatex
Latex is already renowned for its natural breathability and pressure relieving comfort. Aerolatex is perforated to further enhance these qualities.

- Aeroquilt (by Evofoam)
An open cell quilting foam, engineered to promote breathability and airflow.

Wool/Silk Fibre Blend

Luxurious cushioning quilt and comfort layer to help regulate temperature.

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